Techniques for maintaining long-lasting hair color without needing to consult a technician often.

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Changing your hair color puts one more burden on you. It means re-dying your hair periodically. To keep the hair color always beautiful, not fading, not mottled in patches, however Frequently re-coloring your hair will make your hair easily dry and damaged. If possible, there should be a distance between each hair coloring session for as long as possible. But during that time, the hair color must also be beautiful and durable. (maintaining)

Techniques to take care of your hair color so that it lasts a long time and doesn’t fade. (maintaining)

Blow dry your hair with cool air after washing. Let me tell you, it’s for people who dye their hair. You shouldn’t let your hair dry by itself without blow drying it. But if you’re drying your hair, you shouldn’t use a hot dryer because wet hair is when it’s at its weakest. Using heat on colored hair now makes it even more damaged than before. Therefore, we should use a cool dryer to dry it to preserve the dyed hair the best. before blow drying your hair, you should use nourishing serum first and then blow dry. Nutrients will be absorb into the hair more easily.

Nourish your hair with a hair mask. After coloring your hair, your hair may be at risk of damage. Therefore, you should mask your hair to help replenish proteins in the hair that were destroy after coloring. It nourishes the hair and helps make the hair color look shiny. It’s also more durable. It’s best to choose products that are specifically suitable for colored hair. such as products made from nature Our hair will not be expos to too many chemicals. I won’t lose any more than before.

Apply conditioner before using shampoo. Using conditioner before shampoo will help protect the hair color from shampoo. Because our hair is dry and damaged from coloring. Makes the hair scales open When we use shampoo to wash our hair, it causes the hair color to come off faster than before. But if we use conditioner first will go in and help close our hair scales first Most importantly, it makes the beautiful hair color that we just did last longer.  Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Do not wash your hair with hot water. Many people may not know if we wash our hair with hot or warm water. This will destroy the hair color and cause it to peel off little by little without you realizing it. It is recommend that washing your hair with room temperature water is best. The more time you wash the conditioner Conditioners: Rinse with colder water for better results. Warm water will not only cause the color of our hair to peel off. Taking a hot shower also dries out our beautiful skin!

Do not use hair straighteners or hair curlers after coloring your hair. In the early days when I just colored my hair. We have to take good care of our hair. Avoid using hair straighteners or curlers. Because the heat will cause the color of our hair to peel off as well. If you’ve passed the first few stages, you can straighten or curl your hair. But I recommend that you don’t use it too often. Because in addition to the hair color gradually falling off, heat can also make our beautiful hair dry and damaged and cause split ends.

Protect your hair from heat with nourishing oils. After we have newly colored our hair, we should take special care of our hair and nourish it, such as products that help protect the hair from heat. For reducing hair color loss. Do not let the hair color be distorte or faded from the original. Another thing is that hair oils will help make girls’ hair stronger and look more beautiful and shiny. This is very important. We should always nourish our hair after coloring it so that the hair color doesn’t peel off.