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Finished running Eat whatever you want…(When?!!)

Finished running Eat whatever you want…(When?!!) “Run and eat whatever you want” is a mocking statement that many people mistakenly believe can actually be done, even though it is exercise. Whether it’s running or any other way. It is not a license to eat whatever

Get to know beetroot, a brightly colored vegetable

Get to know beetroot a brightly colored vegetable that provides extreme benefits. Beetroot is the root part of a plant in the spinach family. It is one of the vegetables. That is consider a super food with many benefits. It contains vitamins and minerals that

9 tips to refresh your body

9 tips to refresh your body Because “water” in the body is very important to health. Both help maintain the temperature. Create mineral balance Including helping bring nutrients to various parts of the body, making the skin flexible. It is also a component that helps

Vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system. Eat good, nutritious food or eat 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per person per day, giving the body vitamins and minerals that will help promote add strength For the immune system, both vitamin ACE and vitamin D

Get to know pink salt (minerals)

Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt is a type of salt. That has a pink color from the minerals in the salt. Many people believe that pink salt contains minerals that are more beneficial to the body than ordinary household salt. People who are health conscious

Stress and office syndrome Can be alleviated by doing yoga

Practicing yoga is similar to meditation. Because the practitioner must always be conscious and feel himself at that moment. There is also a determination of breathing in and out. which takes a deep breath And breathing out long while practicing this makes the brain and body more relax. Various stress That