Barcelona exploring AFC if Europe banned.

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Barcelona are reportedly exploring other Asian competitions if they are banned by UEFA. This will make it impossible to participate in the Champions League football match.

UEFA is currently spearheading an investigation into allegations that. The club paid the Spanish league vice-president between 2001 and 2018.

Barca paid £6.5m (€7.3m) for DASNIL and NILSAT, two companies owned by Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira UFABET

The European governing body has begun its own investigation into allegations of meddling in the match. Following charges against the club by Spanish prosecutors.

Currently, UEFA has given Barcelona assurances that. They will compete in next season’s Champions League. Which they are waiting to win the La Liga championship.

But according to Catalunya television show Onze, via Sport, the club have begun to prepare for the worst. and to study where other teams could play if they find their participation in European club football banned.

The share of live broadcasts, ticket costs and potential prize money from European competitions are all sources of revenue that clubs cannot afford to overlook. As they try to rebuild the team and protect their financial future.

Asian competition is the most closely studied. Including the Asian Championship

Still, UEFA is unlikely to release the results of the investigation until next summer.