Maguire was right to stay with the Red Devils after returning to good form.

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Manchester United defender Harry Maguire feels he was right in choosing to stay with the club. After playing continuously recently and performing well.

The England international has struggled after the arrival of Erik ten Hag last season. In addition to being dropped from the team’s starting lineup. He also lost the captain’s armband that was given to Bruno Fernandes. But now he is playing well and has started as a starter for 8 games in a row.ทางเข้า UFABET 

Asked if his decision not to leave has now been proven to be the right one.

Maguire replied:

“Of course I didn’t play a lot last year, I think 16 or 17 games. that has started. Actually, I feel like I did well in the games I played. I just didn’t play as much as I wanted to.”

“But on the other hand, both Rafa and Lisha have shown great form and kept many clean sheets. So I have to be patient and wait for my chance. Last year I had 2-3 opportunities to play in a row. together and then get sick There were two other injuries so I never got my rhythm. Never got to play in a row That will allow me to prove myself to the manager. I got that now.”

“I played the last match without knowing how many games I had played. And I really enjoy my football. and really enjoy playing for this club So that’s right. I am happy to stay and fight for my place.”

“I believe we have four or five international centers at the club and competition for places is very difficult. There was a lot of talk about me because I didn’t play and that’s what it was. I performed well with the national team. Went to the World Cup and did really well.”

“So yes, I think my form is there but I have to compete for space with a top centre, who last year was amazing. So I didn’t get as many opportunities as I wanted. But this club needs competition for places and that is what it is in that position.”