Michael Owen would surprise if Mohamed Salah leave Liverpool.

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Michael Owen, former England striker It would come as a huge surprise if Mohamed Salah chose to leave Liverpool.

         The Egyptian international has a contract until 2023 with the team, and in the past, it appears that negotiations have not progressed much as the players demand big wages, which has forced the Reds to think twice. All the famous teams have started to show their interest.

         Salah said he wanted to stay with the team. But it all depends on the club, and Owen thinks it would be a big surprise if the 29-year-old eventually leaves the club.

         “I would be very surprised if Mo Salah didn’t sign a new contract with Liverpool, what options does he have now?” Owen told BBC Sport.

         “You can only go to Manchester City or go somewhere else. Because there is no better club in the world right now. Give all parties a little time. because these things do not happen overnight.”

         “You’re talking about one of the greatest clubs in the world and one of the best players in the world. That player is about to sign the biggest contract of his life.”

“Let’s give everyone time because these things don’t happen overnight. You are talking about one of the biggest clubs in the world and one of the biggest players in the world and that player is about to sign the biggest contract of his life. I think it’s entirely normal that negotiations can drag on a little bit.” Talk to UFABET.