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Media outlets update Arsenal on Bologna defender’s deal

Charles Watts , a journalist for Arsenal , a giant club in the Premier League, reported that the “Gunners” are in the process of accelerating negotiations to acquire Ricardo Calafiori , an Italian national team defender from Bologna, to strengthen the defense as soon as possible. Watts said: “Arsenal’s efforts to sign Ricardo Calafiori continue and

9 tips to refresh your body

9 tips to refresh your body Because “water” in the body is very important to health. Both help maintain the temperature. Create mineral balance Including helping bring nutrients to various parts of the body, making the skin flexible. It is also a component that helps

Get to know pink salt (minerals)

Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt is a type of salt. That has a pink color from the minerals in the salt. Many people believe that pink salt contains minerals that are more beneficial to the body than ordinary household salt. People who are health conscious

England call up Palmer, Konsa, Lewis to join the team.

Cole Palmer, Ezri Konsa and Rico Lewis have been called up to strengthen the England football squad. Replace some players who withdrew because of injury problems. BBC, British media, reported that Gareth Southgate, manager of the England national team. The decision was made to call up Palmer,