Howe plans to call Minteh back to solve Newcastle problem.

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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe is assessing the situation of players on loan this season. To solve the immediate problem of the football team that is facing a lot of injuries.

Minteh, a half-wing striker who is a new player at Newcastle. But was immediately sent on loan to Feyenoord for the 2023-24 season has had quite an impressive performance. With the opportunity to play. Stadium for both Eredivisie and Champions League games UFABET 

The 19-year-old youngster is therefore one of the players that. Howe will consider with the club whether to call him back to help the team halfway or not. After scoring 3 goals in 9 games for Feyenoord. He currently has a muscle injury behind his knee.

“We will consider our players who are out on loan. By looking at whether they can strengthen us or not. If it has a positive effect on him as well. Then we’ll see what we can do.”

“He (Minteh) has done a very good job. Although unfortunately he is currently injured. He returned to reassess the injury. Because we want to check and see how he is.”

“We have to determine how serious the injury is. And when will he be able to come back? Then we will make a decision about him. Just like we do with other people we lend out,” Howe said.

However, Howe must face problems with attacking players on the flanks. Or the creator of the offensive game because Harvey Barnes is already injured and resting for a long time. Jacob Murphy has problems and will be absent for a long time. And most recently, Miguel Almiron was injured from the game when Saturday.