Get to know pink salt (minerals)

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Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt is a type of salt. That has a pink color from the minerals in the salt. Many people believe that pink salt contains minerals that are more beneficial to the body than ordinary household salt. People who are health conscious like to consume this type of salt. 

pink salt benefits In use for cooking and eating. Many people believe that eating Himalayan salt regularly It will help improve your health in many ways. Because it is rich in 84 different minerals and is less salty than white salt. Which are the benefits of pink salt To use in cooking and eating. It is beneficial according to all 84 minerals.

Benefits of pink salt in spa treatments for skin care. n addition to using it for cooking and eating Nowadays, pink salt is also use. Use in spa treatments It’s a spa salt scrub. Or use it mixed with water for soaking. To get rid of dead skin cells. Helps to kill bacteria that cause skin diseases in humans. Helps restore moisture and make the skin smooth and soft. Have better health It’s like having a general spa treatment. That helps our brain, muscles, and nervous system to relax more. 

In addition,the benefits of pink salt in spa treatments are also believe to be able to help you sleep soundly. Improves respiratory system and sinus health Can also help absorb dirt. Removes toxins from the skin Helps clean pores deeply. Because the minerals in salt help maintain the balance. Of water under the skin. Report by

Consumption of pink salt may lead to Iodine deficiency This is because pink salt usually does not go through the process of adding iodine in processing like table salt. Therefore there is less iodine. Iodine is necessary for the functioning of the thyroid gland and the metabolism of cells in the body. If you consume only pink salt continuously for a long time May cause the body to lack iodine.

Some people use pink salt to make Himalayan Salt Lamps, which are believe to help improve mood. Helps you sleep better And helps filter the air in the room or house to be cleaner. But there are no studies that confirm that using salt lamps can actually be beneficial in these various areas.